Welcome to Divya Yog Foundation

At Divya Yog Foundation, we strive to create a welcoming and supportive community for individuals on their journey to well-being. To ensure a harmonious and enriching experience for all, we have established the following rules and guidelines. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a positive environment.

Respect and Inclusivity

  • Respect for All: Treat fellow community members, instructors, and staff with kindness and respect. Embrace diversity and foster an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued.

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Recognize and appreciate cultural differences. Avoid any form of discrimination or harassment based on race, gender, religion, or any other characteristic.

2. Safety First

  • Personal Safety: Prioritize your safety and well-being during all activities. Follow the instructions provided by instructors, especially in physical practices like Yoga postures.

  • Online Etiquette: If participating in virtual events, adhere to appropriate online etiquette. Avoid disruptive behavior and maintain a focused and respectful presence.

3. Confidentiality and Privacy

  • Respect Privacy: Avoid discussing personal information shared by others within the community. Respect the confidentiality of individuals and maintain a trustworthy environment.

  • Online Platforms: Be mindful of the information you share on online platforms. Protect your privacy and that of others by avoiding the sharing of sensitive personal details.

4. Compliance with Local Laws

  • Legal Compliance: Ensure that all activities conducted within the framework of Divya Yog Foundation comply with local laws and regulations.

  • Code of Conduct: Abide by the principles of ethical conduct in all interactions within the community.

5. Feedback and Communication

  • Constructive Feedback: Provide constructive feedback in a respectful manner. Foster open communication that promotes growth and positive change.

  • Effective Communication: Communicate openly and transparently. If you have concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to the appropriate channels provided.

6. Community Well-being

  • Supportive Environment: Contribute to creating a supportive environment for all community members. Share your knowledge and experiences to uplift others on their well-being journey.

  • Conflict Resolution: In case of conflicts, seek resolution through peaceful dialogue and mediation. Refrain from engaging in harmful or disruptive behavior.

7. Membership and Participation

  • Active Participation: Engage actively in community events and activities. Your involvement contributes to the overall well-being of the community.

  • Membership Responsibilities: If you are a member of specific programs, adhere to the guidelines and commitments outlined for that particular membership.


By adhering to these rules and guidelines, you play a crucial role in creating a positive and nurturing environment within Divya Yog Foundation. We appreciate your commitment to these principles, and we look forward to sharing a transformative journey toward well-being together.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Divya Yog Foundation community!