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Established on March 15, 2007, the DivyaYog Research Foundation Trust has emerged as a stalwart force in the domains of health and education. With a steadfast commitment to holistic development, the trust has seamlessly woven together traditional wisdom and modern methodologies. In the health sector, it has pioneered innovative programs, promoting preventive healthcare measures and providing accessible medical services to the community. Through extensive research, the trust bridges the gap between ancient healing practices and contemporary medicine, enriching the global healthcare landscape. In the realm of education, the trust is dedicated to making quality learning accessible to all, transcending socio-economic barriers. Its educational institutions stand as beacons of excellence, fostering an environment that nurtures not only academic knowledge but also values essential for character development. 

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I had a severe back problem for a long time. Then I came to know about Ayurveda Hospital. There, with all the treatments and medications I no longer have back problems. Thank you to all the doctors and staff members.

Rohit Kumar Patient

I came to know about Ayurveda Hospital. The treatment is world-class. They take care of patients and all their problems. The best thing is they ask for each and everything before proceeding with any of the activities.

Kishan Kumar Patient